Interactive Multimedia

Research tells us that more interactive online experiences, such as scenarios, games, and simulations increase engagement and learning. Samudra Software’s team has developed hundreds of courses and learning objects using Flash and HTML5. We apply expert graphic design to storyboard and build attractive and engaging activities, assessments, scenarios, and games. We also provide options, such as open-standard learning objects (OSLO™) that let clients run complex multimedia and interactions on non-Flash compatible devices, including the iPad and iPhone.

Our Services

  • Development of creative concept
  • Graphic Designing and Animation
  • Development of User Interface
  • Scripting and programming
  • Publishing

To build a single multimedia solution we follow thorough process that has following stages:

  • Analyzing the requirements and understanding the expectations of clients
  • Learning what goal client wants to achieve with multimedia solution
  • Knowing who will be the audience of multimedia solution
  • Selecting which hardware and software technology are suitable for development and deployment
  • Designing and planning about which media content should be used in what sequence and amount
  • Developing the solution according to the design using development materials
  • Deploying the solution in stages to test audience acceptance, especially for multimedia solutions
  • Testing the functionalities and effectiveness of solution

Features of Interactive Multimedia


Interactivity is mutual action between the learner, the learning system, and the learning material. Numerous studies have found that interactivity has a strong positive effect on learning.


Interactive learning with live-action video, audio, graphics, feedback, expert advice, and questions and answers keep learners interested and reinforces skills. Because it is exciting, challenging, and fun to use, it encourages learners to return to the program again and again. Through continual practice, learning is absorbed and integrated into daily performance.


Each topic or section can stand alone, so managers or trainers can delve deeply into the topic areas they need to learn, and skip over the ones they don’t. In many cases applications include the option to custom build the application for your specific use where you can choose modules, and even edit the content in some fields.


With over 1.2 billion users accessing web from mobile, building responsive websites have become imperative. Further having a responsive site is advantageous from search engine perspective as Google ranks a page based on responsivity factor. We have a seasoned team of geeks who deploy CSS media queries in creating responsive sites. Be it from the scratch or for web design overhaul, we have erected responsive designs for many leading websites and helped them widen their business sphere.