Our focus

Samudra Software is a professional Internet services and software development company. Our superior service and innovative applications of information technology free clients to focus on their core business. With our broad expertise, we competently fill our clients’ technology needs as we:

  • Help define and achieve client-specific technology goals
  • Provide reliable technical support for each project, regardless of the complexity
  • Apply the latest design concepts and database management techniques
  • Customize products to meet customer needs
  • Create user-friendly operating systems and eye-catching web sites
  • Guarantee satisfaction and personalized service
  • Our multidisciplinary professionals help clients develop secure, reliable, integrated solutions to their software and IT needs.
    e-Learning Courses

    Building an effective eLearning experience begins with a goal—you want learners to come away with new knowledge and skills they can apply to their lives or jobs. Samudra Software’s project team brings more than a decade of expertise in…

    Interactive Multimedia

    Research tells us that more interactive online experiences, such as scenarios, games, and simulations increase engagement and learning. Samudra Software’s team has developed hundreds of courses and learning objects using Flash and HTML5…

    OpenSource LMS & CMS

    Most eLearning solutions today are implemented via a learning management system (LMS) or content management system (CMS). These platforms provide a way to deliver content, administer courses, track usage, and report on results…

    Educational Apps

    Today, eLearning often means mobile learning. As learners increasingly rely on smart phones and tablet devices for Internet access and just-in-time information, it’s important to offer them mLearning options…

    About Us

    Samudra Software Private Limited is an international company based in Vizag, India and Columbia, Missouri, USA.

    We have significant experience in the financial services, educational technology and non-profit sectors. Our goal is to help businesses run better, faster, smarter and more reliably. Our applications are based on sound management principles and practices, and are grounded in processes that comply with Level III SEI requirements.

    We continue to satisfy clients by completing projects on time and within budget. From project planning to delivery, we provide cost-effective, efficient solutions to software and IT problems.

    Partnership with Monarch Media, Inc. – We have worked closely with this US partner for more than a decade. We have jointly developed interactive web sites, educational training sites, e-commerce applications, and customer database management. Together, we have maintained long-term and successful relationships with our clients.

    Monarch Media, Inc. is recognized for its creativity and dependable service. They design web sites that deliver a professional image and user-friendly interface, all supported by solid technology. Their knowledge of internet technology (including audio, video, graphics, database and interactive functions) is based on six years of experience. With assistance from Samudra, Monarch Media creates web sites that are attractive, fast-loading, reliable, cross-browser compliant, and effective.

    Executive Team

    Peter Ketels Schneeberger
    Peter Schneeberger, CEO of Samudra Software, has lived in India for the better part of a decade. His commitment to India in general, and the state of Andhra Pradesh, in particular, makes fascinating reading.


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